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CHRISTINA HANSEN: Is the Founder and CEO of Carolina Vue Real Estate Group, LLC®. She is a 14+ year veteran of real estate brokerage in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. She understands the specific need for extremely distinctive real estate representation that her discerning clientele require when investing in real estate whether it’s buying or selling.

Christina grew up in Texas and attend college at The University of Texas, she relocated to the Carolinas in 1991 to attend Duke University. She has two very dignified son’s, has two beautiful grandson’s and has traveled the world with her loving husband of 20 years and plans yearly vacations with her loving family. Christina sets very detailed goals both professionally and personally. Her firm was designated a Strategic Pricing Specialist® (SPS®) Firm in March 2013. She has a very CLEAR understanding what discipline, hard work, and a positive attitude will bring. She resolves to continue this philosophy with her real estate business and personal life as it has proven to be an effective intentional strategy. Christina believes in having a service based company and feels that giving back will bring to her the same results. Aside from helping her clients retrieve their ROI, she helps her community by giving back to families not only monetarily but with practical contributions to organizations nationally and globally. Christina has been diligent in building Carolina Vue’s® reputation as a Full Service Firm that strives to exceed their revered client’s expectations. With her extensive knowledge of the real estate market, you can trust her and her firm’s ability with your endowment and the ability to get your home sold quickly! She provides an exceptionally personalized service to her astute clients based on trust, integrity, commitment, quality, and expertise. Her trusted name, sterling reputation, and the respect she commands in the industry make her the consummate Charlotte real estate expert that you can truly trust to navigate your real estate endeavors. (Real estate firms in Charlotte 28277 and Charlotte Metroplex)